Jim Fennell

Jim Fennell is the founder and managing partner of ImpressionsDP, With over 25 years of industry experience – as owner, manager and sales executive – Jim is focused on delivering results and exceeding client expectations. He knows how to build cross-functional teams and highly targeted and effective programs and campaigns.

Jim began his career in the graphic arts industry and became an expert in print production, working on a variety of projects for major national marketers. As technology evolved, he moved into a more rounded marketing role, spending ten years as founding partner of the i3 Marketing Group and most recently as a partner in Mesa Integrated, a Connecticut-based advertising agency. As a result of this diverse experience, Jim is an expert in translating business and marketing strategy into effective programs that utilize both traditional and digital channels.

Jim holds a BS in General Business Administration from the University of Miami and recently received an MBA from Penn State University. He lives with his wife and five children in Westchester County, NY.